Before coming to Emunah Afula many of our children have experienced a great deal of suffering, maltreatment and even physical and sexual abuse, often at the hands of the very people who children should be able to trust without hesitation, their own parents. Emunah Afula strives to be a safe haven, providing our children with a secure and nurturing environment in which to flourish and grow up without fear.

Unfortunately, long term government funding constraints have forced us to make a painful Solomonic choice year after year. Do we invest in fulfilling the emotional, educational, social and medical well being of our children, or do we invest in the upkeep of their living facilities? In a perfect world, we should be able to do both, but this world is far from being perfect.Today, our boys who live in the oldest building on the campus, 68 years old, appeal to you to invest in their quality of life. We ask you to support our efforts to refurbish their home sweet home and ensure that in addition to great care, they enjoy comfortable and respectable living conditions. Most kids take it for granted……why shouldn’t they? 

All funds donated to this important project will be matched by a local Israeli foundation, packing “more bang for your buck!”