Mission & History

Mission Statement

Emunah is a social service agency in Israel whose mission is to help alleviate the burdens of Israel’s social problems and strengthen Israeli society. Emunah provides vital education and support services for children and adults during times of crisis and helps transform dire tragedy into success.

Our History

From cradle to cane, Emunah, a Jewish Social Service Agency provides vital services that saves lives, guides, supports and empowers children, women and families in our homes and programs in Israel. Emunah operates over 160 unique projects – residential homes, trauma counseling centers and early childhood education centers – serving over 10,000 individuals every day. The primary goal of Emunah is to break the cycle of distress in Israel. 

Since its inception, Emunah was fortunate to have had the support of sister organizations around the world. Today, Emunah is active in 30 countries under the umbrella of World Emunah, founded by Rabbanit Sarah Herzog. Beginning in 1947, Tova Sanhedrai recognized the need to form partnerships with Jewish communities around the world and helped found what is now known as Emunah of America. The first meeting took place at a small tea in New York City, organized by Miriam Federbush in 1947. The organization flourished with Chapters forming throughout the country. Since forming in 1948, Emunah of America has grown to include 40 Chapters and has 40,000 members. In addition to being the largest, religious women’s organization in the world, men are also an important part of the organization, dedicated to the cause and mission of Emunah.

Key Dates


Emunah was founded in 1935 by Tova Sanhedrai-Goldreich.


Emunah of America was founded.


World Emunah was established in 1977 by Rebbetzen Sarah Herzog.


Emunah was the recipient of the Isarel Prize for its social, educational, humanitarian, and cultural contribution to Isareli Society.


Emunah is the winner of the 2013 Jersusalem Education Prize for excellence in education and care at our 5 children’s homes and 135 day care centers.