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Since 1968, Emunah has taken thousands of people to Israel, organizing unique trips for individuals, families, and groups (synagogues, schools, bar/bat mitzvah). Every Emunah mission is personalized with unique itineraries to satisfy everyone from their first trip to their tenth.

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Emunah embarked on a meaningful 4-day solidarity mission to Israel, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who participated. As you can see from the video above, the itinerary was thoughtfully curated, encompassing a blend of volunteering activities and visits to significant sites, including those commemorating October 7th. The itinerary followed the theme of “Heal, Help, Hope.”

We could tell you all about the mission, but we thought to let our participants share their meaningful moments:

Michelle Schwartz

“Kfar Aza and Kibbutz Be’eri, such incredible devastation whose true impact can only be properly realized when witnessing it with your own eyes and hearing the survivors own words.”

Liz Gindea

“Through an exhausting and exhilarating week, we continued to realize the State of Israel is a small nation with a large heart. We are united together. ביחד ננצח”

Saul Bienenfeld

This trip was the best trip I’ve ever taken. It was First Class from start to finish. The itinerary was meaningful. It covered everything I wanted to do while in Israel during this time and informed me further of the amazing work that Emunah does.”

Sharon Herenstein

“The day was painful but we all need to bear witness. We need to immerse ourselves in Israel’s pain. We need to bring love and support to the whole of Israel. They need to know they aren’t alone. Together we can heal. I am a different person than I was 5 days ago.”

Tzipi Cohnen

“I just got home and wanted to thank you so much for creating such an incredible and meaningful mission. I was really looking forward to being back in Israel and being able to give back a little, but I have to say that I came back getting so much more than I could give.”

Johanna Guttmann Herskowitz

“Over and over again we witnessed the strength and resilience of Am Yisrael. And the Emunah in Hashem, the understanding that we are above nature, the supernatural of this war, of our nation, of our country.  Most of our interaction was with secular Israelis and yet the singing, the dancing, the conversations were about our Emunah in Hashem and the connection to Am Yisrael all over the world.”

Esther Lerer

“I still dream about all the different things we experienced together. The words we heard and the haunting images, the incredible emunah homes and projects, and the achdut that we all shared throughout every place we traveled too and every Israeli we encountered. It’s infectious and beautiful and I believe helps us as a nation endure and heal and be”h be victorious against all our enemies.”

Michael Schwartz

“Har Herzl, the Hall of Remembrance was a perfect way to start the mission. The ceremony was so moving and was a reminder of people who had made the ultimate sacrifice in the past and unfortunately now in the present so we can all enjoy the safety that Eretz Yisroel affords us.”

Fran Hirmes

“I believe we have all been so deeply impacted by what we have seen and shared that we are forever changed. May we find a way to move forward from this experience in a way that keeps us connected in performing acts of Chesed, including helping Emunah heal our brothers and sisters in Israel.”