In Memoriam

Honor Their Memory

When you give charity in memory of a friend or loved one, you honor their memory in the most meaningful way and you are elevating the soul of the departed. With your memorial donation, you are giving hope and a new life children and family at-risk in Israel.

Alana Karp a”h was vibrant and lived every day with simcha in her life. During her 41 years in this world Alana amassed an army of friendships and impacted so many lives with her kindness and  ability to make you laugh, brightening up any room she entered.

This Memorial Fund will annually support various Emunah projects. Alana worked tirelessly for all the various Emunah projects and this fund will reflect her personal and professional commitment and efforts during her time at Emunah.  The funds raised in Alana’s memory will have a life changing impact on so many lives in Israel.

Since 1946, Shirley a”h dedicated her life to ensuring the well-being and safety of the children and families of Israel. She quietly raised significant funds for Emunah’s projects. She was a dynamo, that never stopped. Her dedication and work ethic was to be admired.

Shirley a”h loved her family, loved Emunah, loved her friends and loved Israel. This Memorial Fund will continue to support the children and families Shirley loved, providing therapy, support, and education for thousands more in Israel.

Keep Rebekah’s legacy alive by ensuring that children in the EMUNAH Bet Elazraki Children’s Home in Netanya receive both animal and art therapy to help them heal from their traumatic pasts. Your kind participation in this worthy tribute to Rebekah’s life will offer an additional source of comfort and solace to the Frucht family and also to children in Israel who are in great need of our help.

Rachael A. Kantrowitz ע”ה, loved life, loved people and professionally served as a social worker whose goals were to help others in need.

In order to address Rachael’s lifelong concerns and to memorialize her meaningfully, Rachael’s family and friends have created the Emunah Rachael A. Kantrowitz ע”ה Memorial Fund, whose funding will address critical needs in the Emunah Crisis Center in Sderot. All contributions will be dedicated to establishing a therapy room and programming in Rachael’s memory.  This fund will continue Rachael’s legacy of helping others. We trust that every contribution will bring an Aliyah to Rachael’s a”h precious neshama. Donations can be made here, click below, or alternatively, checks can be made payable to Emunah/Rachael A. Kantrowitz ע”ה Memorial Fund:

Dafna Meir, a devoted mother to 4 natural children, and 2 foster children was murdered in her Otinel home in 2016. She was a nurse, an advisor, and teacher on halachic issues and a pillar of her community. Her fund will benefit the children who live at Achuzat Sarah Children’s Home and give them the opportunity to blossom into happy adults – the same way that Dafna did.


Rochelle celebrated all children—she radiated love and they shone in her presence. Within Bet Elazraki, Emunah established a Center for children with special needs. Before her passing, Rochelle’s passion was focused on helping these children. HaMakom shel Reichel, z”l is a particularly appropriate way to memorialize Rochelle; her warmth, optimism, and compassion forever immortalized in the continuation of her inspiring mission.

Julia Packer was born in Russia and entered a children’s home at the age of 3. She was adopted by an American family when she was 6 and attended school where she displayed talent in the arts. Tragically, Julia died in 2015 before she was able to pursue her dreams in the arts. Her fund benefits the Art Therapy Program at Emunah’s Bet Elazraki Children’s Home and continues her legacy in the supportive artwork they create.

The Florence and Joseph M. Schwartz Vocal Arts Program is fulfilling the dreams of talented young women by giving them the opportunity to pursue voice and music training. Their artistic training is part of a full academic program within a Torah environment and helps nurture the talents of musically gifted young women.

Honoring the legacy of Ely Singer, this center has rapidly become an integral part of the lives of the chil­dren in Emunah’s Bet Elazraki Children’s Home in Netanya, Israel. It is a place of advancement, progress, and promise for a better future for the at risk children growing up at Bet Elazraki where the children learn vital skills and computer literacy to help ensure future success.

Phillip was born the big brother and he wore the mantle of protector like a second skin with a generosity that was purely selfless and an innate sensitivity to the needs of others that attracted them to his light. We are grateful to those who honor Phillip by opening their hearts to help our children flourish through the Phillip J. Szydlo TAC Children’s Fund.