Over the past few days, Israel has experienced a spate of terror attacks that are tearing at the heart and soul of the Jewish people worldwide – and particularly painful for those who live in Israel.  One of the hardest hit areas is the Hebron – Kiryat Arba area which saw the murderous knifing attack that took the life of young Hallel Yaffa z”l in her bed while she was sleeping. Rabbi Miki Mark z”l was murdered and his wife and daughter seriously injured by terrorists while traveling on Route 60. There have also been other attempted attacks in the area. responding to the needs of the people during times of crisis, Emunah is using all its resources to offer vital services to children and families through its 13 crisis and family counseling centers.

In Kiryat Arba, head of the Emunah Kiryat Arba counseling center, Michal Voluch Raanana, expressed that the “the community is traumatized by the horrific events of Thursday and erev Shabbat” She related that both children and adults are afraid to sleep in their beds and that children are not willing to stay at home without their parents. This is especially problematic now because summer vacation has started, but parents are working. Emunah therapists are working overtime and the center is experimenting with additional forms of alternative therapy to help children, an expensive but necessary addition to the services offered there.

In Sderot this past Shabbat a rocket fell into a kindergarten and caused serious damage. Miraculously no children were present because of Shabbat. According to Shoshi Greenwald, head of the Emunah Counseling Center Department, there is a waiting list of 38 people waiting for therapy at the Emunah Sderot Counseling Center. The Center just hired 2 new therapists to accommodate the ongoing needs of the people.

Please contribute to help Emunah provide emergency services which are so urgently needed right now.