New Israeli 200 NIS Bank Note Designed by Emunah College of Art Graduate

On Wednesday, December 23rd, the new 200 NIS bill featuring poet Natan Alterman, was released by the Bank of Israel. Congratulations to Osnat Eshel, Emunah Appleman College of Art graduate. Osnat won first place in a public competition held by the Bank of Israel to design the new shekel bill series for the State of Israel. (More than 100 designs were submitted to the competition.)

Osnat Eshel was writes: “The principles that went into the designing the bills come out of the graphic arts tools and artistic knowledge that I acquired during my studies at Emunah College. But knowledge and mastery of graphic techniques are not enough to produce good designers. The uniqueness of the Emunah College lies in the focus in the studies of dealing with our Jewish roots as a basis for creativity. This is a great advantage that makes it possible to continue one’s personal growth.”

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our talented students, and of our graduates who have gone on to successful careers.