Beautiful and talented Eden, a 17 year old senior, will commence her 6th year at the Emunah Children’s Center in Afula in September.  Until recently Eden had no contact with her father but with the intervention of the

Emunah team, she met him for the first time.  The meeting was moving and empowering, and Eden has grown a great deal since then.  She is a madricha of a local Bnei Akiva group and an outstanding young lady who has chosen life.

Eden has been learning to play the piano at the Emunah Center since she was 12.  She is a very talented player and singer, and recently, with the encouragement of Yair Daniel, the Director of the center, Eden has begun to record her own album.  She also appears often with the

Emunotes, Emunah Afula’s performing choir.

Below is a link to one of her beautiful songs..